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What is organic software?

The term was coined by @pketh in 2023 in his blog post “In Search of Organic Software”. TL;DR1: Businesses change when they take VC money.

Certainly, there were already terms like "Indie" and "Bootstrapped", but what do they really mean? The "organic" label for software means something specific:

Organic Software is software that...

  1. Has no external pressure (eg. from funding sources) to chase funding rounds, grow unsustainably, or to get acquired2
  2. Has a clear pricing page, discloses their sources of funding, and sources of revenue
  3. Doesn't make majority revenue from selling user data to third parties3
  • 1 no really, you should read it. It's a good article!
  • 2 bootstrapping, crowdfunding, grants, and angel investment are okay
  • 3 added from the original by this site
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    SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling icon

    SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling

    Flexible and affordable space management + appointment scheduling for any type of business. Useful for multi-purpose spaces like yoga studios or art studios. Organic software based in the Netherlands. A bit clunky, but very stable, performant, and cost-effective. Some useful (though, limited) API access, to boot!